Laundry industry

We offer a fully automatic and semi-automatic washer for customers to choose from. A fully automatic top loading washing machine features a load capacity of 3.5 to 10kg, and feature a stainless-steel drum, colored LED display, and multiple water level options to meet different clothes washing needs. The semi-automatic top loading machines feature a capacity of 2.5 to 10kg.

Despite being a bit more expensive than the top load washing machine, front-load washing machines are still popular with our customers thanks to their long-service life, high-quality material, smooth operation and water saving performance. The front-load washing machine features numerous special washing modes, making it applicable to just about any clothes washing requirement.

We also offer washer and washer/dryer combos for customers to choose from. This particular washing machine features a capacity range of 2 to 9kg, a stainless-steel drum and enamel tube, a large, brightly colored LED screen display and easy to use buttons. The 180-degree front opening door also makes it easy to load and unload clothes.

This is a single drum spin dryer, with a capacity of 7.5kg, a top opening upper lid, drain valve, and a hidden spin timing knob.
The visible top cover allows you to check the spin condition during operation.

Non-contact measurement: Utilizing an infrared sensor, noncontact measurement is carried out in just 1 second, offering quick diagnostic checks in a precise and safe manner.
Energy saving automatic shutdown function: After 15-20 seconds of inactivity, the IR temperature gun will shut off automatically, reserving battery life.

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Mr. Liu
Founded in 1979, Shandong Xiaoya Group is a multipurposed enterprise focused on the manufacturing of laundry machinery and steel wheel production lines. We have passed ISO9001 International Quality Control System certification in 1994 and have obtained British SEDEX, German GS, European CE, and American UL international safety certificates. As a qualified world-class supplier of a variety of products, we do business in more than 30 countries and regions around the world throughout Europe, Africa, North America, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.