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Top Load Washing Machine

    1. 10KG Top Load Washing MachineTransparent top lid with a damper: it efficiently relieves the impact of opening and closing, lowers the noise and extends the life span of the lid.
      Stainless steel inner drum: the diamond-pattern ridges allows the garments to spin quickly and efficiently, while preventing damage to the contents.
    1. 8KG Top Load Washing Machine (XQB80-6517)This is a fully automatic pulsator washing machine with a single wash/spin process. Washing and drying capacities are 8kg, while the washing machine also features an LED display, ABS transparent folding top cover, stainless steel diamond inner drum, and diamond raised surface to ensure the washing process is fast...
    1. 8KG Top Load Washing Machine (XQB80-6516)Glass transparent top lid with a damper: efficiently relieve the impact of opening and closing, lower the noise and extend the life span of the lid.
      Self-clean: the inner drum spins at a high speed to intake natural wind, which helps to keep the inner tub clean and fresh as new. Wash baby clothes at ease!
    1. 3.5KG Top Load Washing MachineThe 3.5KG smart top load washer is fully automatic and features a wash/spin capacity of 3.5 kg. It is perfect for the daily washing needs for small households.
      The smart top load washer is equipped with a top lid with a damper to efficiently relieve the impact of opening and closing, extending the life span of the lid and lowering noise.
    1. 2.5KG Top Load Washing MachineThe XIAOYA 2.5KG twin tub washer is a semi-automatic pulsator washer with twin tubs to carry out the washing and spin cycle separately. With a maximum wash capacity of 2.5kg and a maximum spin capacity of 1.8kg, this washer is suitable for daily washing of light loads or small clothes.
    1. 2KG Mini Top Load Washing MachineOur 2KG mini top load washer is a semi-automatic impeller washer that is specially suited for washing small loads. It features a single wash tub, top-opening top cover and a bottom draining method.
      Hand-wash imitating impeller: it is gentle on fabrics, making the washing more delicate and clean without damaging your clothes.
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Founded in 1979, Shandong Xiaoya Group is a multipurposed enterprise focused on the manufacturing of laundry machinery and steel wheel production lines. We have passed ISO9001 International Quality Control System certification in 1994 and have obtained British SEDEX, German GS, European CE, and American UL international safety certificates. As a qualified world-class supplier of a variety of products, we do business in more than 30 countries and regions around the world throughout Europe, Africa, North America, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.