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Front Load Washer

    1. 10KG Front Load Washer 10KG front load washer is a fully automatic drum type washing machine designed for home use. Its large wash and dry capacity enables you to wash more cloth in one time and makes washing simpler and helps save you time. Its door is equipped with an anti-scald cover to protect you from burns during the heating function.
    1. 9KG Front Load Washer The 9KG heavy duty front-load washing machine with dryer is designed to cater to all your laundry needs including high efficiency washing and drying. The machine makes washing simpler and helps to save you time.
      Condensation drying: this front load washer allows for a maximum drying capacity of 4.5kg.
    1. 8KG Front Load Washer The Xiaoya high efficiency front-load washing machine has a wash capacity of 8kg, ideal for the washing of bulky items like blankets, making it a simple and time saving unit. The maximum spin speed of 1200 rpm allows for fast cleaning and drying.
    1. 7KG Smart Front Load WasherThe smart front load washing machine with dryer is a multifunctional laundry dream with the function of condensation drying. The temperature sensors are carefully arranged inside the washer to capture the temperature change of the load in real time. The unit will automatically stop when the load is fully dry. The front load machine has a maximum spin capacity for 7kg loads and a maximum dry capacity of 3.5kg.
    1. 7KG Commercial WasherOur coin commercial washing machines are fully automatic front-load laundry machines that are designed for the durability needed to withstand repeated use in public laundry facilities.
      The coin operated commercial washer with a coin box is specially intended for schools, hospitals and other public washing facilities. It comes with 4 washing programs and you can customize the washing time and coin amount each load will cost.
    1. 2KG Wall Mounted WasherThis small washing machine is a wall mounted automatic front-load washing machine specially designed to maximize your floor space. The front door features a large 400mm window and a 180 degree door opening angle. The 2kg washer is primarily suited for the washing needs of small households. The high spin speed of 600rpm delivers a fast wash and dry.
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Founded in 1979, Shandong Xiaoya Group is a multipurposed enterprise focused on the manufacturing of laundry machinery and steel wheel production lines. We have passed ISO9001 International Quality Control System certification in 1994 and have obtained British SEDEX, German GS, European CE, and American UL international safety certificates. As a qualified world-class supplier of a variety of products, we do business in more than 30 countries and regions around the world throughout Europe, Africa, North America, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.