Wheel Production Line

Tool sets Samples

    1. Tooling for Wheel Spoke ManufacturingIn order to satisfy the requirements for stand-alone operations in traditional wheel spoke production lines, XIAOYA carries out personalized process designs and die structure designs according to customer product structures and equipment condition. Traditionally, a traditional spoke production line consists of 9 processes: blanking-punching...
    1. Tooling for Wheel Rim ManufacturingXIAOYA specially developed the dies for high strength plate wheel spokes, which are suitable for automatic spoke stamping line. According to the production process in the forming, punching and reshaping of wheel spokes, mainly 7 sets of dies are involved as followings.
    1. Stamping ToolsSide wall inner panel drawing die
      outside door panel flanging die
      Head cover inner panel drawing die
      beam drawing + trimming-punching + flanging die
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Founded in 1979, Shandong Xiaoya Group is a multipurposed enterprise focused on the manufacturing of laundry machinery and steel wheel production lines. We have passed ISO9001 International Quality Control System certification in 1994 and have obtained British SEDEX, German GS, European CE, and American UL international safety certificates. As a qualified world-class supplier of a variety of products, we do business in more than 30 countries and regions around the world throughout Europe, Africa, North America, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.